Remembering Your Why

In the heat of the moment, when the struggle is real, and you’re wondering Why the heck did I do this again? you have to remember your why.

When I worked in direct sales for a hot minute, my upline was constantly asking me why did I want to sell this product and how I needed it to change my life. I wrote down, pinned it up, repeated it, lived it, remembered it. Why do I need a why? Because your why is what keeps you going when everything else slows to a stop.

As writers, we cannot neglect our why. Writing is a business that more often takes than it gives. You pour your heart and soul into your story, send it to a contest or agent, and you hear the crickets chirp. No one replies. You get passed up. And somehow you have to get back up from being kicked in the gut and start all over.

It’s not enough to write for the glory of writing. It’s not enough to write for the payout or the yes. At the beginning and end of it all, you have to write for you. You have to write for your why.

My why is that writing allows me to shape the part of my mind that is lost in fairytales and fictional worlds. While I lose myself to reading, I find myself in writing. The way I write is mine and mine alone. No one else can write like me. It is my fingerprint upon the earth. Writing makes me me.

What’s your why? Share it. Write it down. Rehearse it. Remember it.


2 thoughts on “Remembering Your Why”

    1. Hi Jay! That’s an amazing why. Growing up, my best friends were book characters and the authors who created them. Giving anyone who reads someone or something that inspires them is such a worthy aspiration.

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