How to Know When an Idea is Dead

What do werewolves and vampires have in common, other than a heavily divided franchise? They’re dead and buried, and won’t be back for a very very very long time.

Unless you’re able to mix these otherworldly creatures into a premise that hasn’t been seen yet (and it probably has), you’re better off steering clear. Even dystopians are a thing of the past (where novels are concerned, TV show and movie dystopians are still clinging on to life).

Aside from spending hundreds of dollars to attend a writer’s conference and learning what’s hot and what’s not from the agents present, I have discovered how to find this same information for free. That’s right folks, free! No strings attached. Want to know what it is?


Not even kidding. Make a Twitter account right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


Done? Great.

Step two, find every literary agent who would potentially look at your query and follow them.

And finally, take notes.

A lot of agents will do Tweet hashtags like #500queries, where they basically bash or constructively criticize the next 500 queries to hit their inbox. It’s a goldmine of information. You’ll learn what agents want to read more of (#mswl or #mswishlist aka manuscript wishlist), what they’re sick of, query tips (#querytip), and tons of writerly advice (#askanagent).

There are plenty of hashtags to discover on Twitter, and I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t spend time working on something an agent won’t publish. Learn the industry and follow the professionals.

2 thoughts on “How to Know When an Idea is Dead”

    1. Awesome!! I’ve been going on a rampage adding anyone and everyone that has to do with publication. Their tweets are always enlightening, whether they’re about actual publication or their pet cat haha.

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