It’s Time For Some Spring Cleaning

Okay, so it’s only February, but you can always tidy up not matter the time of year. And let’s be real, how often does your Spring cleaning involve organizing your writing and your time? My guess would be not often. But don’t feel bad, I’m just as guilty. That stops today.

I’m a big proponent of outlining your work before going ham on it, but that’s a topic for another day. Today, the organization I want to talk about is the system you use to keep yourself in check.

How many of us are exclusively writers? Anyone? No? I thought so. Most of us are also students, full-time or part-time workers, parents, or all of the above. We don’t have time to mess around when it comes to the writing portion of our day. So how do you make sure you’re utilizing your time to its full potential? Two quick thoughts:

Develop a plan and stick to it.
If you’re going to post on your blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then post on your blog those days. This is something I’m still working on, but I’m learning every day that being consistent increases my credibility across all platforms, and it shows that I take my future seriously.

The same goes for working on your novel, or whatever it is you’re writing. If you allow yourself to slack, you allow yourself to believe that your desires aren’t worth your time.

Take an hour and break it apart.
You can get a lot of work done in an hour. When I was in direct sales we called it a “power hour,” and broke it down in fifteen minute intervals of different activities. You can use this idea in your writing time as well. Spend a certain portion of time planning out your writing, another portion actually writing, some time for editing, and then even consider using some time for reading up on what’s going on in the publishing world that pertains to you.

I think you’ll find that by implementing these little changes in your routine, you’ll find yourself a little more in control of your writing output. Deadlines won’t be such a scary concept, and getting through the sludge of writing a blog post or another chapter of your story won’t be so painful.

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