Cleaning Out Your Closet (One More Time)

Eminem is onto something here. Sometimes it takes more than once to clean out the old to make room for the new (the new creations, innovations, inspirations, etc.). I’m a firm believer in a clean writing space equaling productivity. If not that, at least it offers less distraction.

Since it’s January, and January typically means everyone is trying to reinvent themselves, I figured a post on renovating your writing nook was in order.

If you don’t have a writing nook, I suggest you find one. This is the space you thrive best in, whether that’s a desk like me, outside under a tree, getting bit by ants, or sitting in a coffee shop with your hipster friends (or alone, whatever). Your space needs to have your necessities within arm’s reach, otherwise you’re going to spend half your writing time searching for a pen or running out of paper. Yes, believe it or not some people still use those.

So in your writing nook, here are the main must-haves:

  1. Writing utensils, including things to cut and repair with. I prefer to organize mine into jars so I don’t waste time searching for the appropriate utensil (here I have highlighters/sharpies, pens, pencil (I only have one, I hate pencils) and scissors, then misc.). Occasionally I keep everything in this basket, then I take it out and push it against the wall. It’s really up to my mood that day.


  2. Something to put your paper in. Here I have all things lined, computer, and colorful, for wherever my mood takes me. I have envelopes, stamps, sticky notes, and basically everything I don’t need right in front of me but still within easy reach.IMG_8846
  3. Inspiration, NOT distraction. If I could look out a window without staring at a tree for ten minutes I would. As it is I’m so easily distracted I need the bare minimum as far as decorations go. This picture I have was made by my talented sister and includes a quote by one of my favorite authors. A short glance up renews my vigor and I’m able to get back to work.IMG_8844.JPG

Other things to consider:
-a series of clipboards where you can hang your latest ideas, goals, steps toward those goals, etc. (currently working on this one myself, thanks Better Homes & Gardens magazine!)
-noise cancelling headphones if you’re like me and-SQUIRREL!
-oil diffuser for when the pressures of the written word are too much and you just need to inhale some lavender (I’m a big proponent of essential oils as they’ve curbed many a mental breakdown of mine)

Don’t let your space turn into a clutter pile. The more clutter you have that piles up, the more anxious and claustrophobic you will feel. Keep your writing space your own. It’s not where you pay bills, it’s not where you do homework, it’s where you write. Keeping these spaces separate will help you to mentally sort your work from your school from your passion. I’m guilty of this right now, and I can honestly feel a difference in my mental state when I follow this advice.

What does your writing space look like? If you write somewhere other than your home, how do you pack your essentials to take with you?

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